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Full Spectrum MR16 LED Module

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Bringing the beauty of natural light into your spaces has never been more achievable. The MR16 LED Module, featuring Bridgelux Thrive COB, goes beyond the ordinary, making every room feel as illuminated as the great outdoors.

Bridgelux Thrive replicates natural light by considering critical color quality metrics, like CRI and TM-30, and Average Spectral Difference (ASD). It achieves a CRI >95 and R1-R15 >90, indicating a high fidelity color rendering, along with high Rf and Rg values for accurate saturation and hue. ASD quantifies how close the light source matches natural light across the visible spectrum, akin to a detailed comparison between an original masterpiece painting and its copy.

Equipped with Bridgelux Thrive, the MR16 LED Module delivers a high-efficiency, full-spectrum lighting solution perfect for homes, offices, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and retail spaces. It illuminates your spaces while positively influencing well-being and emotional state, making it more than just a lighting product.

The MR16 LED Module also embraces Bridgelux Vesta Thrive, a tunable white COB that enhances the user's control over lighting. With its ability to mimic the natural spectral variation of sunlight throughout the day, it improves alertness, productivity, and aligns with the human circadian rhythm.

The color temperatures are available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, and 6500K, as well as tunable white 1800-4000K, 2700-5000K, and 2700-6500K.

The 4000K module complies with the cyanosis standards as per AS/NZS 1680.2.5:1997, exhibiting a typical Cyanosis Observation Index (COI) of 0.5. This value is significantly lower than the standard COI threshold of 3.3.

The MR16 LED Module with Bridgelux Thrive COB is not merely a lighting solution; it's an experience. This fusion of technology blurs the lines between natural and artificial light, offering unmatched design flexibility and energy efficiency. Experience the revolution in LED technology with the MR16 LED Module.


Article No. LED P(W) CC(mA) Voltage(V) Angle(°) CCT(K) CRI Flux(lm)
M-12-40-27-95 Thrive 11.8 350 33.7 40 2700 95 1050
M-12-40-30-95 Thrive 11.8 350 33.7 40 3000 95 1130
M-12-40-40-95 Thrive 11.8 350 33.7 40 4000 95 1190
M-15-40-27-95 Thrive 15.2 450 33.7 40 2700 95 1470
M-15-40-30-95 Thrive 15.2 450 33.7 40 3000 95 1590
M-15-40-40-95 Thrive 15.2 450 33.7 40 4000 95 1680
MT-9-35-1840-98 Thrive TW 8.8 500 17.6 35 1800 92 580
  Thrive TW 9.0 500 18.0 35 4000 98 820
MT-9-35-2765-98 Thrive TW 8.8 500 17.6 35 2700 98 720
  Thrive TW 9.0 500 18.0 35 6500 98 840
MT-16-40-1840-98 Thrive TW 15.8 450 35.2 35 2700 98 1280
  Thrive TW 16.3 450 36.3 35 6500 98 1500


If the specifications do not meet your expectation, you could leave a message for custom services. We provide lighting solutions and pricing within a few days. It is free of charge before entering the prototyping process.