Source TW Tunable White MR16 LED Module

Light Source
Extruded AL + PC Reflector
Color Temperature
TW 1800-3000 / 1800-4000 / 2700-5000 / 2700-6500
Beam Angle
MacAdam Ellipse
Degree of Protection


Source tunable white LED module utilizes the latest light sources from Bridgelux and Luminus, delivering 600lm to 2000lm.
Bridgelux offers CSP and phosphor dispensed-based tunable white arrays and only CSP for Luminus.
For both options two channels warm white and cool white are independently controlled. The minimum CRI remains the same from left to right. CCT and Duv are very close to the black body curve ranging from 6500K/5000K to 2700K or from 4000K/3000K to 1800K.
They are ideal for users to mimic daylight and select the preferred CCT to increase experience, well-being and productivity.


Article No. LED P(W) CC(mA) Voltage(V) Angle(°) CCT(K) CRI Flux(lm)
MT-9-35-1840-90 Bridgelux 8.8 500 17.6 35 1800 90 550
  Bridgelux 9.0 500 18.0 35 4000 90 860
MT-9-55-1840-90 Bridgelux 8.8 500 17.6 55 1800 90 560
  Bridgelux 9.0 500 18.0 55 4000 90 870
MT-9-35-2765-90 Bridgelux 8.8 500 17.6 35 2700 90 800
  Bridgelux 9.0 500 18.0 35 6500 90 950


  Article No. Dimming Input Voltage Output Power Output Current Output Voltage Dimensions(mm) IP Rating
led driver IEM-12D DALI TW 220-240V max. 12W 150-500mA 10-50V 119*52*22.5 IP20
200mm 1.5mm2 black solid wires with Wago connector 221-412 for DALI
200mm 1.5mm2 brown/blue wires with Wago connectors 221-413 for AC
200mm 0.3mm2 Teflon wires with female connectors for DC output



If the specifications do not meet your expectation, you could leave a message for custom services. We provide lighting solutions and pricing within a few days. It is free of charge before entering the prototyping process.